Massage Effectiveness for Arthritis and Related conditions

Nearly one in five U.S. adults had at least one massage in the previous year, according to the American Massage Therapy Association’s (AMTA) 2017 Consumer Survey. Of those, 42 percent received massage for health or medical reasons such as pain management, soreness, stiffness or injury rehabilitation. read more

Massage, Chiropractic and Shoulder Pain By Dr. Brian Schulz, DC, Amplify Chiropractic

Did you know 20-50% of the population will experience shoulder pain during the course of a year? It is one of the most common reasons patients seek chiropractic care besides spinal complaints. The shoulder is an extremely mobile and complex arrangement of several joints that need to work in perfect coordination to function properly and read more

Veterans and Massage Therapy

What is Whole Health? Whole Health is VA’s approach to care that supports your health and well-being. Whole Health centers around what matters to you, not what is the matter with you. This means your health team will get to know you as a person to develop a personalized health plan based on your values, read more

Littleton Massage & Sports Recovery Welcomes Teen Athletes

With all of the changes to school sports happening in 2021, young athletes were seeking ways to stay on top of their sport. Littleton Massage & Sports Recovery was able to keep these athletes healthy and training on the field, in the court and on the mat, despite societal challenges. Students like Maggie, Javier, Katelyn read more