About What We Do & How We Got Here


Our Owner’s Story

Throughout her career and extensive travels, owner Carolyn Wentz has dreamed of owning a business in Colorado where she can positively impact others. In previous professional roles, Carolyn focused on relationships, innovation and growth. Since moving here in 2002 to spend more time skiing, camping and playing outside, she held firmly to that dream until the right opportunity presented itself. With Littleton Massage & Sports Recovery, Carolyn loves working with a talented team of professionals and partners to make movement and wellness a priority in the community. In her free time, she is an avid yogi, skier and world traveler, and also enjoys rock climbing, hiking and paddle boarding. It’s no wonder she has a clinic to restore and maintain full mobility. Carolyn and her team are excited to continue engaging and educating the Littleton community about their unique approach to movement and recovery.

Our Mission & Vision

Littleton Massage and Sports Recovery helps individuals of all ages achieve full functional restoration and optimal mobility through a vast range of modalities that are customized for each client.
Our vision is to accelerate optimal mobility to help Coloradans live pain free, stay active and age well.


Whether it be massage therapy, sports recovery or the infrared sauna, LMSR will make sure you walk away with a healthy mind, body and spirit. We offer a team of professionals to help you maintain your active lifestyle and continue pursuing longevity. LMSR has also partnered with many innovative, community-driven and prolific businesses to address your every wellness need.

COVID UPDATE: LMSR has been taking additional steps since re-opening to ensure public safety. While we have always maintained a sterile office, additional disinfection protocols have been added to protect clients & staff, COVID health assessments & waivers are mandatory and a “fee free” cancellation policy for anyone exhibiting symptoms is in place. We are confident our staff is contributing to the overall wellness of our community and the positive revival of local businesses during these difficult times.

meet the team

  • Rob


    Rob, LMT Rob in an LMT with over 20 years of experience. He infuses various techniques in his therapy including; myofascial release, muscle energy techniques (METs), active isolated stretching (AIS) and a host of other treatment-oriented bodywork including (but not limited to) trigger point therapy. Rob is also skilled in Swedish massage, hot stone, pre-natal and reflexology work, and has received additional certification in therapeutic medical massage and Bowen therapy. Additionally, Rob served our country in the Air Force for six years, as an Areo-Medical Tech. After honorable service, Robert worked with a prestigious Neurological firm, and as an EMT providing service to various communities throughout the 5 boroughs in New York City. Rob is now devoting himself full time to his dream to regenerate and rejuvenate the health and wellness of every customer that comes to see him. His smile and sense of humor are infectious.

  • chris


    One of Chris’s greatest passions is helping others achieve better health. Chris graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2004. He uses deep tissue, neuromuscular, cupping and reflexology techniques to help his clients find pain relief, increase range of motion, improve posture, and ultimately enhance their quality of life. Chris believes in a holistic approach and works with clients to determine the appropriate use of hot/cold therapy, essential oils and other modalities to advance pain relief and healing. Additionally, as a Master Herbalist, Chris has written articles and blog posts on nutrition, wellness, and herbal medicine, as well as hosting a radio show for 5 years called Growing Your Health. This holistic approach and Chris’s desire to continue learning and finding new pathways to wellness, has built Chris an outstanding career in massage therapy.

  • ana


    Born in Brazil, from a young age music has been a big part of Ana’s life. Through music, Anna discovered the healing arts and set off on a journey with a passion that led to massage therapy. After attending various workshops on yoga, meditation, and breathwork, she found herself at the Colorado School of Healing Arts, where she graduated with extensive knowledge in bodywork. Ana’s practice specializes in deep tissue massage, trigger point work and stretching. She is also skilled in using a lighter touch when needed and enjoys the journey of healing with each client. Ana’s goal is to help each massage client reach optimal mobility so they can have a more enhanced quality of life and mind.

  • tamera


    Tamera focuses on the client as an individual. She tailors each session towards relieving pain and postural imbalances, using varied techniques based on the clients’ needs and preferences. Tamera attended Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy, where she graduated as valedictorian in 2006. Her specialty is Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy and she is adept in Deep Tissue, Medical Massage, Sports Massage, Therapeutic Hot Stone, Myofascial & Positional Release, Neonatal Massage and Structural Integration. She has over 13 years in the industry and has experience with everyone from teachers and actors to professional athletes and Olympians. Tamera believes in staying up to date on new research and techniques and is always looking to further her knowledge.

  • Alea


    As a Colorado native, Alea has spent a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities and maintaining healthy habits for self-care. Early on, she saw her Massage Therapist grandmother facilitate healing and wellness which sparked a drive in Alea to follow in her footsteps. Graduating from the Colorado School of Healing Arts brought her dreams to fruition. Trained in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Neuromuscular and Aromatherapy allows Alea to customize each session to the client’s needs and lifestyle. She believes massage should be an important part of everyone’s life and aims to create an incredible experience for each client. Alea’s desire is to provide a healing space for your mind, body, and soul, and to promote self-care. With her immense respect for our industry and excellent communication skills, Alea is excited to be a part of the Littleton Massage & Sports Recovery team.

  • Ammon


    Ammon loves helping people at all stages of their journey towards a healthier, happier body! A graduate of The Colorado School of Healing Arts, he has training in modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, and Sports Massage, as well as being Pre-Natal certified. Ammon believes that every body is unique and as such each one deserves a massage best suited to their needs. He is a versatile therapist who believes an integrated, client-driven approach is best, and is always looking to provide each client an experience that will leave them smiling when they get off his table.

  • bill


    Bill began his career interning as an Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach at Southern University while attending Louisiana State University, later earning his certification as an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Since then, Bill has utilized a wide array of tools and techniques at his disposal to help his clients develop a better functioning, better feeling body. Also a Certified Personal Trainer, Bill brings a diversity of experience and knowledge from his time in the corporate wellness, physical therapy, and chiropractic industries. Bill’s passion is fueled by a fascination with the scientific mechanics of the human body, and the sense of gratification he feels in helping clients improve their lives through building physical confidence and capability. He also enjoys sharing the knowledge behind his techniques. Outside of his career, Bill enjoys snowboarding, running (up to10k’s), Thai Kickboxing, video games and music.

  • marcelo


    Marcelo’s goal is always to provide a professional, custom massage to clients, in a calm environment. Marcelo graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts after having previously been a Mechanical Engineer with a degree from Colorado School of Mines. The transition from Engineer to MT occurred as a result of a very serious rock-climbing accident, which led Marcelo down a long road to recovery. Now Marcelo is passionate about helping others with their recovery or discomfort through his focus on Deep tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish and Sports Massage. In addition to his massage techniques, Marcelo is certified in the Graston Technique of soft tissue “scraping” and RockPods Myofascial Cupping, both services offered by Littleton Massage and Sports Recovery. Active in the outdoors and through travel, Marcelo finds a lot to learn from every experience.

  • gayla

    Office Manager

    LMSR’s front desk staff goes above and beyond to be sure every client has an excellent experience at our office. Their professionalism, attention to detail, commitment to a sterile office and their support of the therapists is essential to our daily operations. Simply said, they are the backbone of Littleton Massage & Sports Recovery, and they love working with our clients. Gayla has been working in our office since February 2019. Simply said, we would not operate with the level of excellence and integrity we do without her constant care and contributions at the office. “I love talking with our clients about their specific issues and knowing that our therapists can absolutely help them feel amazing!” ~Gayla

  • Shannon

    Front Desk

    LMSR’s front desk staff goes above and beyond to be sure every client has an excellent experience at our office. Their professionalism, attention to detail, commitment to a sterile office and their support of the therapists is essential to our daily operations. Simply said, they are the backbone of Littleton Massage & Sports Recovery, and they love working with our clients. Besides working with a great team, I love seeing our clients come out with the relief they need. From Sports Recovery to Massage, you can get preventative and restorative care for the average daily muscle/ stress relief to the active athlete. The staff really cares about each other and everyone who comes through the door. It’s a great place to be!


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