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Middle school and high school athletes may be in great shape, but they need to protect their bodies from the strain and impact sports cause. Sports massage and sports recovery can help them do this and more.

What are the Benefits of Youth Sports Recovery and Sports Massage?

Youth sports massage and sports recovery are critical components to any young athlete’s wellness routine, and for good reason: 

It reduces DOMS

Youth sports recovery or sports massage can help reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, commonly known as DOMS. This pain typically arises 12-24 hours after trying a new exercise or after a particularly tough workout. With sports massage, young athletes can prevent or diminish DOMS symptoms.

It helps prevent serious injuries

Painful injuries and unexpected strained muscles after training can mean weeks or even months on the bench. Youth sports recovery specifically helps young athletes combat unwelcome injuries and it provides pain relief.

It increases endurance

Youth sports recovery and sports massage inherently boost blood circulation, which ensures that athletes can breathe easier. In other words? They won’t have to worry about struggling to catch their breath in the middle of a game, match or race. In addition, massage therapy can help increase flexibility, which gives young athletes a wider and more solid range of motion, ultimately enabling them to act faster and endure longer periods of strenuous activities without injuring themselves.

A review by the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy highlighted that massage therapy contributes to better proprioception, improved range of motion, and increased blood circulation, all of which are vital for optimal sports performance.

Youth Sports Recovery and Sports Massage FAQs

Yes! If you are interested, please have a coach or athletic director reach out to our owner, Carolyn Wentz. Carolyn manages all our school partnerships and builds these on a custom basis. After all, there are a few differences between a gymnastics and baseball team, right? Most programs include a free clinic to start and then an ongoing clinic schedule with onsite events and LMSR hosted events. For participating teams, an additional discount may apply for the Sports Recovery Session Packages. For more information, please email Carolyn@LittletonMSR.com.

Yes! LMSR developed its Buddy Sessions with teens in mind. These sessions take place primarily in our Sports Recovery room and are shared by two people. In the 60 or 90-min sessions, two clients share hands on time with our Sports Recovery Manager and with modalities like Normatec Compression, MarcPro E-stim and the Infrared Sauna. The sessions are at a reduced cost per person. Our best value is the 6x or 12x Sports Recovery Buddy Session Package. We also have a 6x or 12x Sports Recovery Individual Session Package for the teens needing all the attention! Both packages function as punch cards.

Most of our clients opt to wear their typical gym clothes for a sports recovery session. You are in a public room, so clothing is required, though for any shoulder or leg issues, we do recommend sports bras, tank tops and/or shorts. All our massage therapy sessions take place in private rooms. You will be given privacy to undress to your comfort level. For most, this is either unclothed or leaving on some undergarments. You will be fully draped throughout your entire session. Your comfort is our priority.

LMSR is a family friendly environment. We welcome children as young as 10 for sports recovery. The recommended age for starting massage therapy is 14+ for young athletes. Our recommendation for minors under 18 is that a parent join them for the appointment. A parent/guardian signature is required for any treatment, and we are happy to chat with you about the best options for your individual teen.

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