Massage and Chiropractic Are Complementary for Shoulder Pain

migraine headache massageDid you know 20-50% of the population will experience shoulder pain during the course of a year? It is one of the most common reasons patients seek chiropractic care besides spinal complaints. The shoulder is an extremely mobile and complex arrangement of several joints that need to work in perfect coordination to function properly and without pain. As a chiropractor, my focus is on the way the joints of the shoulder move as well as neck and upper back function to ensure the muscles get the signals they need to properly move the shoulder. However, this joint in particular can have a multitude of muscular problems associated with the dysfunction causing symptoms. As a result, massage therapy can be extremely beneficial to the correction of shoulder problems. This two-prong approach (chiropractic manipulation and massage therapy) is usually much better at resolving shoulder issues than either method of treatment on its own since; both the joints as well as the muscles of the shoulder need to function together for pain-free, full range of motion and function of the shoulder to happen. By Dr. Brian Schulz, DC, Amplify Chiropractic

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