What is Visceral Manipulation?

carolynwentz on 08/02/2023

Have you heard of Visceral Manipulation?

Visceral manipulation (VM) is a therapeutic technique used in osteopathy and certain forms of bodywork to address imbalances and restrictions in the internal organs, connective tissues, and related structures within the body. Organs have their own natural movements and mobility which can be affected by trauma, surgery, inflammation, or chronic stress. When the organs lose their mobility or become restricted, it may lead to pain, dysfunction, and a range of health issues.

During a VM session, a trained practitioner applies specific, gentle pressure and manipulations to release restrictions and improve the function and mobility of the organs. The goal is to restore the natural movement and balance within the visceral system, which, in turn, can have positive effects on other structures and systems in the body.

Visceral manipulation can help the body in various ways:

Some conditions considered suitable for visceral manipulation include:

Is visceral manipulation a type of massage? Not entirely.

VM is typically incorporated within a craniosacral therapy session or medical massage session. It involves a range of very gentle manual techniques aimed at assessing and improving the mobility and function of the internal organs and may include:

It’s important to emphasize that visceral manipulation requires specialized training to perform these techniques. Attempting to perform visceral manipulation without proper training can be potentially harmful and may not yield the desired therapeutic effects. Consult with a doctor or licensed massage therapist.